Exhibition Abu Dhabi Club, with the head of Abu Dhabi Art Squad, Bruce Hill (New Sealand)
With the nice head of the Cultural center Abu Dhabi, preparation an art show
Exhibition Hotel Kempinski, Budapest, Hungary
With His Excell. Sheikh Khalid Seddiq Mhd Samea, Crownprince court With His Excell. Zaki Nusseibeh, former consulter of Sheikh Zayed Bruce Hill, Head of Abu Dhabi Art Squad Partner Antiq Gallery Moham Etihad Gallery, Abu Dhabi

2018  Kloster Benediktbeuern - Gemäldeausstellung

2017   Pashmin Art Galerie Hamburg- Gruppenausstellung "Emotions"

2017   Art fair Beijing  - Exhibition at Museum for contemporary   

          Art (Moca) Beijing China

2016  Solo Art show at Abu Dhabi ART HUB , Abu Dhabi - UAE

2016  Exhibition at Golfclub Kitzbühel/Westendorf - Austria

2015  Exhibition Gut Kerschlach, Manor Castle, southern Munich - 


2015  Exhibition Tutzing, Golfclub, southern Munich - Germany

2015  Opening of the "house of art", studio-gallery "Art d'Hommage"

          up to june, open doors for visitors

2015  Exhibition Gut Kerschlach with the sculpturists: Michael Jaks,

          Gillermo de Lucca and the painter Wladimir Fuchs -

          Kasachstan - Germany

2015  Exhibition Gut Kerschlach nearby Munich, "Horses, cows and

          gazelles“ with the sculpturist Guillermo de Lucca - Ecuador

2014  Foundation company "Art d’ Hommage", wall art international;

          expanding projects Middle East and Europe

2013  Exhibition in the ancient castle in Verona - Italy

2013  Etihad-Gallery, owner Sheikh Khalid Seddiq Mhd. Samea, 

          Abu Dhabi - UAE

2013  Art Committements and collaborations international, stay in

          Dubai - UAE

2013  Change life to Zurich - Switzerland

2013  Group art show by Fischer consulting, Oberammergau, 

          Bavaria - Germany

2013  Wall paintings actions in several locations 

2013  Company foundation: Wall art design by "Art d'Hommage,

          Zurich - Switzerland

2013  Start Online-Selling international by Gallery "Art d' Hommage" 

2012  EU Art fair, Miami - USA

2012  Art award, Boesner - Germany

2012  Auction house, Syrlin, Stuttgart - Germany

2012  Art fair Warsaw - Poland

2012  Gallery Nasta Paris - 

2012  Art show Kempinski, Budapest - Hungary

2012  Art show, Company for wall painting, Kögelmeier, 

          Ludwigshafen - Germany

2012  "Antiques and Art fair, near Stuttgart - Germany

2012  "Galerie Kass" Exhibition, Innsbruck - Austria

2012  "Five Artists in Verona", Gallery Bertrand Kass "Circolo Ufficiali

          Castelvecchio", Verona - Italy

2012  Regio Art fair, Lörrach - Germany

2012  Hotel Kempinski, Ajman - UAE

2011  Start Art Managing Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE

2011  Art fair Gent - Belgium

2011  Art fair accessible, Vienna - Austria

2011  Exchanges with the Institut of rock image, Universit

          Frankfurt - Germany

2011  Exhibition"Interior design and prehistoric Expressionism",

          Lohmüller - Germany 

2011  Art award Syrlin international - Germany

2011  Group exhibition with the international artist group ADAS,

          Abu Dhabi - UAE

2010  "10 artists - 5 continents", international artshow with artists,  

          Steinen - Germany

2010  Art Fair Beijing - China

2010  Gallery M, Vienna - Austria

2010  Auction House Hellmann, Leipzig - Germany

2010  Gallery A. Maranouchi, New York - USA

2009  Foundation of international Gallery "Art d’Hommage", 

          Steinen - Germany

2009  Foundation of the art movement "Prehistoric- and Historic

          Expressionism“, Steinen - Germany

2009  Art Festival "10 artists" , Baden Württemberg - Germany

2009  Exhibition, Ita Wegmann Showrooms, Basel - Switzerland 

2008  Art show, Café-Gallery Theatiner-Street, Munich - Germany

2008  Art show in VR- Bank, Maulburg - Germany

2008  Gallery "Ars Nova", Lörrach - Germany



- German Art group Middle East
- Metropolitan Club, Vienna - Austria
- Abu Dhabi Art Squad - UAE
- German Emirates Club, Dubai - UAE


Gallery "L'Art d'Hommage" presentations:

"10 artists of Germany - Artist festival 2009"