After thirty years of serious training, and inspired by the century old frescos in her own studio, the inspiration of the inclination to historic and prehistoric art works of humanity (old- Europe, Asia, Africa) was born.
Indescribable treasures opened themselves to the artistic eye! On the years-long search for a satisfying solution between more modern, aesthetic attitude in the painting, and the expectation and art worthiness created by our ancestors, a large part of the Dahlhaus gallery work emerged.
It is my goal of creatively participating in the global culture exchange of all countries, take subjects out of the old cultures and to present them in the modern art scene, and interest people of different origins through my interpretation form of foreign cultures subjects.
Partially very old anthropomorphe figurations join themselves into fascinating and even more futuristic architectures.
However, the claim rises in parallel, to let good realistic painting (to subjects such as gulf, stage, dance) emerge, as well as the many areas of drawings, pressure- & mix technologies, so that also here series emerge in alternating artistic periods.

Curriculum Vitæ

Decades long employment with forming art, history and world literature born in Penzberg, raised in Starnberg on the Lake in Oberbayern. 


1972: Therapeutic Education in Berlin


1982: Study at the Art School Prof K. Rödel in Mannheim (painting, drawing, pressure technologies)


1986-89: Paint Study with Paul Pollock (Freiburg i. Br).


1990: Artistic-therapeutic work with masculine clientele in psychiatry


1999: Refresher studies with H. J. Aenis, Basel


From 2000 studio in the historic "Vogthaus" in Steinen (by Lörrach).
The frescos within the studio rooms have greatly influenced the painting of the last years.


Since 2010 raising development in international transfers ( China, USA, Europe, United Arabian Emirates)

Collaboration with art associations, cultural centers, artist frriendships worldwide


Since 2010 member of the The Middle East - German ART Group 


2014 Principal location Gallery "Art d'Hommage" in Gut Kerschlach, Munich 
southern area. International exhibitions and open days.


Mother of four children